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About Foreign Language Center

The Foreign Language Center is set in both the Taipei and Tainan campuses at The University of Kang Ning. A director and a deputy director are to operate promotion, administration and other related business respectively.


The Foreign Language Center takes charge of the overall planning of General Chinese and English Courses. It also organizes and operates the Chinese language proficiency activities together with the Department of General Education.



  1. To create a better language learning environment for students to enhance their language ability
  2. To plan, carry out and evaluate the General language course development of the school
  3. To manage and maintain the language labs
  4. To plan, promote and carry out language-related training courses and services


The Foreign Language Center is set under the Office of Academic Affairs with a director appointed by the president for managing and carrying out related business. A certain number of staff will be appointed from the Department of Applied Foreign Languages and the Department of General Education for assistance.

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